Now Open to ALL!

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Open to All

Iron Mike’s is now open to all for the Range and Retail/Firearm sales. Lane Rates: $35/Hour, $20/Hour each Additional Shooter. Ammo Restrictions: Shotgun(IMG Slugs Only), Rifle up to 416 Barrett and All ammo calibers are to be Brass Only. Memberships are also offered for those looking to maximize their range time and savings.

New Shooters

Whatever your experience level, you are welcome here. We pride ourselves in helping new shooters become familiar, safe, and confident with firearms.

Range Rules

  • The Iron Mike’s Guns Range Safety video must be watched annually.
  • Eye and ear protection is always mandatory while in the range.
  • Obey all commands from the Range Safety Officer.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard except when firing.
  • Know how your firearm operates and the proper ammunition it uses.
  • Always keep the action open and the firearm unloaded except when ready to fire.
  • No drawing or firing from a holster without an Iron Mike’s Range Certification.
  • No one is allowed forward of the firing line.
  • All loading and unloading of your firearm magazine should be done inside the shooting stall.
  • Shoot at your target. No cross-range firing.
  • If your firearm jams, leave it on your shooting bench – pointing down range, and raise your hand for contact with the Range Safety Officer for assistance.
  • Spectators must remain clear, behind the shooter’s bay and the shooter.
  • Do not disturb a shooter on the firing line except for a safety reason.
  • Damage done to the property or shooting of equipment will be reported and recorded via camera and you will be charged an appropriate fee from the range for the damages.
  • No food or drinks in the shooting range.
  • Please clean off benches or chairs, sweep brass forward, and throw your garbage in the provided bins.
  • Please police your stall and throw your trash away.
  • No use of the range without checking in at the Range desk.
  • There is no minimum age on the range. However, the child must be able to shoot over the rested bench without the assistance of a standing device. Ages recommended are 12-17 and all children must have a parent or guardian signed waiver. (your children can not be in the range unattended)
  • Rental guns are restricted to using range-provided ammunition only.
  • Do not move any firearms from stall to stall.
  • Do not pick up brass from in front of the firing line or from a stall that is occupied. Brass in our range behind your stall is free to be picked up.
  • Range rules will be strictly enforced! Failure to follow the rules can result in loss of range privileges.                                    

Ammo Restrictions

All ammo will be inspected before entering the range.                                       

  • *No caliber higher than 416 Barrett (10.4 x 83mm)

  • *No armor piercing rounds (green tip) 

  • *No tracer rounds                                                        

  • *No steel core rounds

  • *No incendiary rounds                                               

  • *No black powder

  • *No aluminum case ammunition

  • *No bi-mental cased ammunitions – Tula or Wolf

           Gift Cards

Give the gift of precision and excitement with our gun range gift cards, the perfect present for the shooting enthusiast in your life. Redeemable for RANGE TIME, TRAINING SESSIONS, or GEAR from our store, these cards are your shot at providing an unforgettable experience with the pull of a trigger.