Iron Mike’s Guns

Iron Mike’s Story

Iron Mike’s Guns is a full service shooting range and training academy with a retail pro shop named in honor of “Iron Mike.”

US Army Special Forces Major General Michael D. Healy “Iron Mike” was the most highly decorated Special Forces General of all time. He commanded the 5th SF group in Vietnam and commanded Special Operations forces for over 3 decades. He helped establish current Special Forces training protocols at the JFK Warfare Center, and personally awarded the Medal of Honor to over 50 soldiers under his command. He stood for honor, integrity, respect, and courage, which he demanded in everyone around him.

We honor his legacy and memory with the naming of this gun store/gun range. Iron Mike was a beloved General, soldier, Ranger, and family man…to us, he was Grandpa.

Members & Appointment only

Iron Mike’s is open to Members and for non-members by appointment for Retail/Firearm sales, so give us a call and come on in! Memberships are also offered for those looking to maximize their range time and savings.

New Shooters

Whatever your experience level, you are welcome here. We pride ourselves in helping new shooters become familiar, safe, and confident with firearms.

           Gift Cards

Give the gift of precision and excitement with our gun range gift cards, the perfect present for the shooting enthusiast in your life. Redeemable for RANGE TIME, TRAINING SESSIONS, or GEAR from our store, these cards are your shot at providing an unforgettable experience with the pull of a trigger.